2020 Census in Pennsylvania


Get Involved with the 2020 Census


There are myriad opportunities to help promote and support the upcoming 2020 Census. Public citizens and government officials can work to spread awareness through complete count committees, schools and universities, Governor's Commissions, faith-based institutions, and in many other capacities. Click here to read more about how you can support the 2020 Census.



Complete Count Committees


A Complete Count Committee (CCC) is a volunteer committee established by state and local governments and/or community leaders to increase awareness about the census and encourage residents of their communities to respond. The committees can include a diverse selection of community representatives from government, education, business, faith, and media organizations. CCCs are responsible for executing a strategy unique to challenges in their community.


Complete Count Committees (CCCs) come in different types and sizes, depending on how they are organized and where they are located.


  • Government-sponsored CCCs may have a state, regional, or local focus, and operate within the jurisdiction of their highest elected official(s). Local government CCCs may include more than one jurisdiction. Most local government CCCs are small to medium size depending on the jurisdiction. A small town may have a small committee (around 3–5 members), while a larger community’s CCC may be medium to large size (10 to 100+ members) depending on the size of the jurisdiction. Click here to read more about municipal CCCs.
  • Community-sponsored CCCs may be organized by a community group or a coalition of community groups. A CCC may also be assumed by or assigned to an existing committee or group such as a city planning board, a regional planning commission, or a local community committee.


To form a CCC, consider the following steps: (1) Have the highest elected official or other community leader officially form the committee. (2) Schedule the first meeting and invite community leaders and stakeholders. (3) Create subcommittees to target specific populations and activities.



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